Empty Notes: Cosmic Divergences

This podcast has been adapted to video, and you can watch it here.

Here is the second episode of my ongoing podcast about the various media which strike my fancy. This episode discusses the niche online phenomenon of alternate spaceflight history. I lay out the main examples of this genre, as well as the authors involved in their creation. I also offer some handy resources with regard to spaceflight history and engineering, which are of great use to anyone reading or writing these works.


There is a slight error during the part where I mention John Glenn; he was the first American in earth orbit, not space itself. That would be Alan Shepard.

Here are links to the primary works discussed:

Eyes Turned Skywards

Right Side Up 

Kolyma’s Shadow

The Snow Flies

That Wacky Redhead 

Ocean of Storms

Blue Marble to Red Ruins

Mr. Hearst’s Rocket Company

And these are the websites/resources I mention near the end:


Atomic Rockets

David S.F. Portree’s Spaceflight History Blog

False Steps 

And here’s just a really good podcast:

Marooned! On Mars 

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